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Summer lovin’: Couples edition of What to Wear Wednesday

Since last week’s “What to Wear” was so much fun (and since my faithful FB followers twisted my arm ) WtW is making another appearance. This week I decided to mix it up a bit & do a “couple edition”. If you have kiddos, you can still use these outfits as starting points for your family portraits & add coordinating outfits for the little ones. Most importantly, remember that these are only inspiration guides. If these looks are not at all your style,  hopefully you’ll be inspired by the color palette.

For this weeks board I gathered some of my favorite looks of the late summer. The warm hues remind me of warm nights sitting on the back porch with an ice cold drink (Hello, cheesy! But its true!) I hope you enjoy! 🙂

couple's edition what to wear(click on the photo for a larger version)